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Birthday Party Ideas


KIDSPACE The Party Place is the perfect place to host an active group of youngsters ready for intense competition.  The large, adaptable spaces and the available equipment make it easy for you and great fun for the party-goers.

Team games are best suited for children five and older.   Consider involving the adults.  The children will love competing with the grown-ups and the "big kids" will have lots of fun too!

Listed here you will find suggestions for sports games, physical challenges and relay races.

All equipment needed is available, free of charge, for your use at KIDSPACE The Party Place unless specifically noted in the game instructions.

Older children will want to have large blocks of time to engage in friendly competitive activities - plan your party schedule accordingly.



Traditional Party Games

KIDSPACE The Party Place is a great place to play party games.  The gym and multi-purpose room are large and perfect for any game.  Items such as a parachute, carpet squares, CD player and bean bags are available for your use, free of charge, at KIDSPACE The Party Place. 

Party games bring life to a party and give it structure.  A good rule to follow when planning a party is to plan three party games, with the third game on the chopping block if time or attention spans run short. 

Here are a few traditional games that can be played as described or adapted to fit a theme.  The following games are easy to plan with very little preparation or special equipment needed.   Check out our other pages with more ideas for games and activities to make your child's party a very special occasion. 


Five Simple Strategies for Hosting a Stress-free Party

It's not uncommon for parents to lose sleep over an upcoming children's birthday party.  The what ifs are a mile long and the worse possible scenarios flood your conscious thoughts.  Your worst fears and anxieties can be extinguished by following these five sure hints for hosting a stress-free children's party. 


Parties, Traditions and Memories

A birthday is a BIG deal . . . a really BIG deal!  It's the one day of the year to celebrate that unique and wonderful person.  Birthday celebrations, with just a little forethought, can be rich in tradition and memories.


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